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Posted by Lee Blakely on 30 June 2021 01:07 PM

Happy Independence Day on July 4th!

* Shared hosting - PHP upgraded on all shared servers:

8.0.7 5.6.40
7.4.20 5.5.38
7.3.28 5.4.45
7.2.34 5.3.29
7.1.33 5.2.17

* Plesk support extended to AlmaLinux OS - With the pending demise of CentOS, support for AlmaLinux has been added to Plesk. Learn about AlmaLinux here:

* New blog articles: Expires Header In Nginx On Plesk

Introducing RPVault Ransomware Defense 

Thousands of businesses are losing millions of dollars each year to ransomware attacks. Malicious hackers gain access to a business's website, encrypt the files and data and then extort the business for decryption passwords. In addition to the ransom, the attacks cause business interruption and reputational damage. Backups are important but often the attackers target and encrypt the backups to prevent recovery. 

Reliable Penguin is pleased to announce two new services to facilitate rapid recovery from ransomware - RPVault For Websites and RPVault For AWS.

For shared hosting customers, RPVault For Websites, provides for rapid ransomware recovery. Each night, Reliable Penguin will store an extra backup of your website in a separate "vault" account. The "vault" backups can not be accessed, deleted, encrypted, corrupted or locked from your website. In the event of a ransomware problem on your website, Reliable Penguin will retrieve the "vault" backups and use them to restore your website. RPVault For Websites is $5/month per website subscription.

For managed hosting customers, RPVault For AWS, provides advanced protection and rapid recovery of servers and databases. Nightly snapshots are stored in a separate "vault" account. Each "vault" account is locked with no valid logins. Reliable Penguin stores the unlock credentials in an isolated "air gapped" system. In the event of a ransomware attack the customer can request a recovery. After verification, Reliable Penguin will unlock the "vault" account and restore the servers and databases using the snapshots. A full recover of a single instance can be completed in under an hour. A complex environment consisting of multiple servers and databases can be recovered in just a few hours. RPVault For AWS can be purchased for AWS accounts provide by Reliable Penguin or for customer-owned AWS accounts. 

RPVault is a cost effective insurance policy against the rapidly expanding ransomware threat. For more info email:

SpamHero Now Available

Want to upgrade your spam filter? Check out our new Spam Hero service featuring:

Outperforms the competition - Catches more spam and do it with substantially fewer false positives than other spam filtering solutions.

Easy to use - Nothing to install, configure or train. SpamHero will even detect your valid email addresses.

Tracking 100+ million senders - Sender behaviors are tracked in real time. The sender's reputation is weighed during the filtering process.

Over 25 million filters - Every message is scrutinized through a mind blowing number of filters. All filters are consistently tested for accuracy.

12,000+ filters added daily - Using spam traps around the world we are able to detect new spam attacks as they occur and adapt to them instantly.

Additional features include:

  • Virus & malware filtering
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited quarantine logins
  • Unlimited domain aliases
  • Scheduled quarantine reports
  • Group quarantine support
  • Automatic email address detection
  • 30 day mail archiving
  • 5 day automatic mail bagging
  • Mail forwarding
  • Catch-all address
  • Domain wide filtering policies
  • Sender whitelist/blacklist
  • Active Directory / LDAP email address sync
  • TLS encryption
  • Distributed cloud based technology

Order Spam Hero for your Reliable Penguin for special discounts and free support. For more info email:

WordFence Special

WordFence is the leading security plugin for WordPress websites. There's a free version of the plugin which does a good job of basic security but if you want serious protection then a "premium license" is the way to go. Reliable Penguin is an official WordFence reseller and for April we have a limited supply of premium licenses at a discounted price of $75 for the first year. This is a 25% discount! If you interested email!

Contacting Support

As a reminder if you need support for your shared or managed hosting solution you have several options:

1. Send email to:

2. Visit

3. Call 866-649-7984 


All payments should be made electronically by credit card, debit card, ACH, wire transfer, Paypal or Zelle.

Details can be found on your invoice and our payment portal here:

If you are unable to make electronic payments, then checks by postal mail will be accepted but processing will be delayed up to fourteen (14) days. Please send payments early enough to factor in this delay.

Please be aware that payments for services must be completed within the terms of your contract or service plan. Failure to make payments on schedule will result in late fees and service termination. If your payment will be delayed for any reason please contact our team to make arrangements.