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Posted by Lee Blakely on 02 October 2023 07:04 PM

Reliable Penguin recommends Sucuri and offers exclusive discounts and support.

Threats from malware and hackers are growing daily. It’s no longer miscreant teens vandalizing a few websites. Now it’s highly organized criminal gangs and rogue nation states. These malicious actors:

  • steal credit card and other personal data
  • launch DDOS attacks against other websites
  • encrypt critical business data and extort ransom

Attacks can be catastrophic for a business with consequences ranging from damaged reputation to lost revenue and legal liability.

For over 20 years, Reliable Penguin has provided reliable and secure managed hosting solutions to our clients. But in light of the evolving security risks, we have proactively joined with Sucuri, a leading website security provider to offer a critical additional layer of protection to our clients.

Since their founding in 2009, Sucuri has built the most effective and affordable cloud-based technology and services for website security and performance. The Sucuri platform sits in front of your website providing vulnerability detection, attack protection, and malware response.

Reliable Penguin now offers the Sucuri Platform Pro directly to our clients with:

  • Significant price discounts.
  • Free installation and support.
  • No annual contract.
  • Included on Reliable Penguin invoices.


10% Discount


20% Discount

For more information or to sign up, open a support ticket, email or call 866-649-7984.




The Sucuri website firewall:

  • Blocks DDoS attacks.
  • Prevents malware infections.
  • Virtual patching and hardening.
  • Zero-day exploit prevention.
  • Protected pages and IP allowlisting.
  • Application profiling and signature detection.
  • Global CDN provides performance optimization.

The Sucuri monitoring and detection platform utilizes both remote and server-side scans:

  • Malware scanner identifies malware and other indicators of compromise.
  • Monitors file integrity, security configuration, DNS records, and SSL certificates.
  • Detects SEO spam including link injections.
  • Identifies popular content management systems like WordPress and scans for known vulnerabilities.
  • Blocklist status monitoring.
  • Website uptime monitoring.

The Sucuri incident response team will:

  • Remove and repair malware infections.
  • Check the integrity of your website.
  • Remove Safe Browsing and other phishing warnings.
  • Repair brand reputation in search engine results.
  • Advise on available updates and post-incident steps.